Reservio - Optional Objects Live Preview

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More appointments, less scheduling!
Schedule bookings, improve your services, promote your business, 24/7 online booking, client reminders.

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WebSite X5 allows you to add a button in your web site to schedule your appointments in just a few minutes. Schedule simple and efficiently with simplicity in mind.
The still images below have been used to show you what the final result will look like.

- Have all your appointments or group meetings in one place. Plan vacations and shifts easily. -
Online Booking

- Allow your customers to book online. Reservio accepts your clients bookings 24/7 -
Customer Management

- Have a clear overview of your clients. Search easily through the database of your contacts and appreciate your clients loyalty by passes. -
Business Assistant

- Get a smart assistant who will help you with your daily business life and make it easier. -

- Set up reminders about upcoming bookings for your clients via SMS or email. -

- Connect Google Calendar, iCal or your website to Reservio. Be visible on the biggest networks like Google or Facebook -
Connect your calendars  

Sync your contacts

Make your business visible on the largest websites

Email marketing integration

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